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Workshops Offered:

Managing Stress:

Stress exists everywhere in all of our lives. Many people just cope with stress, but they don’t realize or understand how stress impacts their body. Our workshop explores how stress can become a cycle, how it affects us and how to manage it. We educate people on causes and the solutions so they leave feeling more in control knowing that they have the ability to handle a stressful situation.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

This workshop educates on how Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is caused and how to determine if you’re suffering from these symptoms. We provide answers and possible alternatives to surgery. We also teach preventative measures to developing CTS.


Osteoporosis can develop slowly over a long period of time. We educate you on Osteoporosis, its effects, risks and how to prevent it. This is a popular topic and people leave this workshop full of ideas of how to be more aware of symptoms, nutrition and other ways to prevent Osteoporosis.


Energy in equals energy out. That’s what we keep hearing. In this workshop you learn proper and healthier habits on your nutritional choices. We make it easy and offer you choices without having to shop at expensive stores.

Work Environment:

We teach how to be more ergonomic with your workstation. We show you different techniques to use during your workday that helps your muscles, neck and spine. Not only is this beneficial for you, but also for your employer as it makes you more efficient and alert while you work.


There are many kinds of headaches. From a dull ache to a full blown migraine. Complaints of these have increased due to stress, poor diet, workload, busy lifestyles and lack of sleep. We teach you how to reduce headaches without the use of medications which can cause numerous side effects.


Arthritis is a painful disease that is difficult to live with. Many medications just mask the symptoms without dealing with the disease. In this workshop we help people understand this disease, the cause and how to treat it without relying on medications to make it from one day to the next.


Rediscover your health with this workshop. Ask yourself these questions:

Are your health problems due to a toxic body and excess weight?
Do you get enough vitamins and minerals?
Could you eat healthier?

With this workshop we help people:

To create balanced meals and a healthy lifestyle
Take a natural approach to banish excess weight gain
Understand why detoxifying your body is crucial to better health
Learn how to support your body’s detoxification capacity in just 30 days!
Unlocking your child’s full life potential!


It is estimated that 5 to 10% of “normal” children experience sensory integration problems that require intervention. Join us for this workshop to learn how diet can affect your child’s cognitive abilities. We show natural approaches vs. drug therapies. Learn about the other 2 senses by which we experience life. We also explain neurosensory dysfunction.

Screenings and Workshops:

Our doctors use the latest technology to help determine what is happening to YOUR spine which may be causing you a lowered state of health in your body. Misalignment in your spine can cause stress and pressure which affects the nervous system. We host our seminars, workshops and screenings free of charge at community events, health fairs and places of employment. Speak with us if you’re interested in helping others to help themselves.

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