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Foot Specialist in Pickering

Woman walkingAt Chiropractic Centre for Optimum Health on Bayly St, our expert chiropodist, Dr. Todd Hrycyshyn, offers total foot care. He understands the importance of healthy feet for your overall well-being. Whether you’re dealing with acute pain, chronic conditions, or simply seeking preventive care, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Benefits of Our Chiropody Services

Chiropody is a unique healthcare discipline focused on the lower extremities, particularly the feet and ankles. Our chiropodist provides various services, from addressing biomechanical issues to managing diabetic foot care to keep your feet healthy, comfortable, and functioning optimally.

Custom orthotics are a cornerstone of our practice, offering personalized solutions to enhance foot function and reduce discomfort. Our process includes a detailed consultation, biomechanical examination, and electronic foot scanning to create orthotics tailored to your needs. We also offer custom footwear options designed for optimal support and comfort.

Your New Patient Journey

When new patients visit us, we start with a thorough assessment to understand their unique needs. Depending on your condition, we may recommend custom orthotics. These unique insoles are tailored to improve foot mechanics and alleviate discomfort. Our in-depth consultation and scanning ensure all aspects of your foot health are addressed.

We offer care for three categories of conditions; the frequency of care varies by condition:

  • Biomechanical Issues—from plantar fasciitis to metatarsalgia, we tackle foot pain at its source, often with custom orthotics
  • Diabetic Foot Care—we help manage the unique challenges diabetes poses to foot health, ensuring ongoing care and prevention of complications
  • Geriatric Foot Care—our compassionate approach extends to elderly patients, providing regular foot care to maintain comfort and mobility

Providing Affordable Services for You

Dr. Todd provides a free, no-obligation consultation for new patients to gain insights into what he does and how it could help them. Regular office visits are only $40 and include toenail cutting, callus, corn, and wart removal. Other services are priced according to the necessary procedures.

Custom orthotics and footwear costs are based on the patient’s specific needs. Dr. Todd will discuss all aspects with you in detail before proceeding.

Fee Schedule

Service Description Fee
Office Visit Toe nail cutting, callus, corn and wart removal $40.00
Consultation Gain a greater understanding of how we can help No Charge
Orthotics and footwear Orthotics and footwear Discuss with patient

Get on the Right Foot

At Chiropractic Centre for Optimum Health, we believe healthy feet are the foundation of overall wellness. You can trust our experienced chiropodist to provide compassionate care and effective solutions for your foot health needs. Schedule your appointment today!
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