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Pickering Chiropractic Reviews

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Chiropractic Testimonial

  • Thank you to all the staff for their compassion

    -Monique S.
  • Very good first impression!

    -Ryan S.
  • It was a pleasure to meet everyone there. There was a great energy and vibe. I look forward to my next visits!

    -Charles M.
  • Amazing first consult with Dr. Francine Dallaire! She is very attentive, empathetic, and knowledgeable.

    -Sheila S.
  • So far my experience with Dr Dallaire has been nothing but positive. I’ve already seen some changes after years of chronic pain. She truly approaches my treatment with care, kindness and a wealth of knowledge.

    -Vicky G.
  • Incredible staff, and Dr. Francine is amazing! She is super helpful, knowledgeable, and helps ME understand by simply breaking it all down. Her enthusiasm to get me on the right path, encourages me to do the same for myself! Love it there.

    -Jennifer G.
  • Great team! My first visit was amazing, they took good care of me.

    -Rebecca E.
  • Environment was good. Received a lot of information.

    -Sean O.
  • Dr. Francine is always smiling when I see her. She always explains what she is doing and why!!

    -Kevin D.
  • The ladies made me feel very comfortable & calmed my nerves as this was my very first visit to a chiropractor!

    -Nafisa G.
  • Amazing! Just amazing! They Went above and beyond my expectations and have already helped me to begin feeling like myself again. Thank you!

    -Tamara A.
  • Everyone was friendly and professional.

    -Vera M.
  • Dr. Francine and staff were patient and answered all my questions, I did not feel rushed. The office fully copied with local medical advice related to Covid 19 protocols. Friendly and professional environment.

    -Sharon J.
  • I look forward to becoming more flexible through learning the right exercises. I also look forward to learning what my spine and hips are doing medically. Thank you.

    -Anne C.
  • You can truly feel that they care about you and your health! So lucky to have found them! Thank you!

    -Phoebe C.
  • I love going to the Chiropractor. I have a lovely experience with the ladies Laura & Dr. Dallaire. I always leave the clinic feeling better instantly. It has become my favorite place to go to during the pandemic.

    -Allan B.

I Highly Recommend!

From the first appointment on I knew that Dr. Francine knew what she was talking about. I have seen her twice a week for the last few weeks and she is genuinely concerned for her patients. With so many recommendations and expertise, she wants to see her clients get better. I have never once felt like a number or a paycheque with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her skill set.

Pat R.

Very Friendly and Welcoming

Dr. Francine, Laura and the rest of the staff at the clinic have been fantastic. They have accommodated me whenever needed and best of all they have a very friendly and welcoming attitude towards everyone. I’ve noticed marked improvement with my back and hip issues, so the treatment is working.

Carlos M.

VIP Attention

I’ve been seeing Dr. Francine for about 15 years. I was asked to rate my first visit and I did even though it was that long ago. It’s still like it was the first time. Dr. Francine and her staff give me the attention and care that I need and always with big smiles. Each person is made to feel as if they are the most important person when it’s their turn. Thank you for caring.

Ana Paula L.

I had suffered with debilitating migraines for 30 years!

Well, to begin, I was a skeptic until 2 years ago. Chiropractic care was not on my radar screen until it was my LAST resort.

I had suffered with debilitating migraines for 30 years! I tried to watch what I ate, drank, how much sleep I got, tried to reduce my stress etc. etc. None of it seemed to matter – I would avoid red wine, chocolate, red meat – whatever the traditional experts claimed where the cause of migraines. Sometimes I would eat wine/chocolate and not be bothered with a migraine. Other times, I would be in bed for most of the day with the lights turned out and suffering the crushing, pounding, throbbing pain…
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2 years ago, I was at my wits end – my migraine pills were no longer having any effect on the pain… I asked my doctor what else I could try and she told me that there was nothing stronger… but maybe try these nasal pain meds. The migraines were now coming almost daily and so I thought I’d try them … I would rather suffer the pain than the taste of them! I was so sick of being sick and tired and in bed and suffering – there must be a better way.

A friend who had just been to Dr. Francine Dallaire’s office for chiropractic care happened to come by and asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in seeing a wonderful chiropractor for a very small fee. I knew this was an answer to prayer and I called the same day.

I was greeted by all the staff with such genuine care and interest in who I was and how they would – not could – help me. I still was a bit of a skeptic but I wanted to be open to all this “alternative” medicine as the traditional ones were not working! After the scan, x-rays etc and my very first “click” visit – I could feel the difference! My whole body felt tingly and alive and a pressure had been lifted. It was a slow but steady process into the healing of my migraines. The explanation of what chiropractic care is all about and the research and science behind it all helped with me turning from a skeptic into an advocate.

From the very beginning, my migraines were reduced in number and in intensity. Now, 2 years later, I can count on ONE hand the number of migraines I have had this year in 2008 AND that all them were managed by one “Tylenol” or “Advil” pill. I have not refilled my migraine prescription in the 2 years, and I believe I have had to take 2 -3 pills during this 2 year time frame.

I have recommended chiropractic care to others who suffer from headaches/migraines and will continue to do so. When I see others suffering as I did, I remember those days and am so glad they are in the past! My only regret is that I didn’t take advantage of this wonderful, healing practice for “optimum health” 30 years ago. No one should have to suffer – when there is a natural way to be healed!

Thank you to all of you at the Chiropractic Centre – for Optimum Health! I wish and pray that all of you will be blessed with continued health, joy, peace and love in the New Year and forever!

Mary S
Pickering, Ontario

A Gymnasts’ Testimonial

How long have you been a patient? 1 year

What was your reason for consulting the office? I am a competitive gymnast and I started to have knee and back pain.

How long had this been a problem for you? 1.5 years
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How did this condition affect your life and activity levels? It affected me and my activity levels because I couldn’t do daily activities without being in pain and having to sit out and apply ice.

Describe the improvements and changes in your life that you’ve noticed since being under regular Chiropractic care: I have been in way less pain during my activities.

What activities are you able to once perform with your health improvements? I can do any activities I wish to do.

What advice would you give to someone who was new to chiropractic or considering Chiropractic care? That chiropractic care can help a wide range of health problems.

– Jayden, 10 years old

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Chiropractic Centre for Optimum Health to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.

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