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Secret Spot Rolling to Relieve Shoulder Pain! | Part 1 Series of 3

Watch this video to learn how to locate and roll some secret spots on your shoulder that can make a big difference in relieving shoulder pain and can help you heal! My personal favourites are secret spots 4 and 5 in the video!

Shoulder pain can be frustrating because the shoulder joint sacrifices stability for mobility. This makes the shoulder joint prone to injury and difficult to heal. If you’ve been struggling with shoulder pain it’s often due to an imbalance of the rotator cuff muscles. The imbalance in muscle function impinges the tendons of the shoulder leading to tendinitis or inflammation of the tendons.

It’s important to always first get the correct diagnosis. Once you have confirmed that your rotator cuff is the issue, consistency with daily stretching and rolling in conjunction with a good rehabilitation program can help to loosen tight muscles as well as strengthen weak rotator cuff muscles.

Watch this video and learn how regularly rolling your shoulder can help to relieve pain and speed up healing. Once the rotator cuff pain has improved, this rolling technique can also be performed regularly to help prevent injury.

Just remember shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff issues can take a long time to heal. Don’t give up! Stay consistent and be persistent!

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